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With years of experience leading performances and competing in combat sport fighting, our Coaches are well-versed in many martial fields. We are dedicated to bringing you the most practical knowledge in Self Defence, Sport Combat, and Performance-based martial arts. 


Combat Sports

From Boxing, Kickboxing, Free Fighting, and Mixed Martial Arts, training involves physical conditioning and high-intensity cardiovascular work, providing an all-round physical challenge through punching, kicking, takedowns, and even grappling. 
No matter which style you choose to take up and hone, we will make you sharper, faster, and more confident in generating full-body impact. Whether you are looking to fight your way into shape or enter the ring to compete, our coaches are here to guide you in technique, quicken your reflexes, and pack a punch.

Self Defense

At Vigilante Fitness, we believe self-defense should be straightforward, easily applicable, and practical, no matter the age, gender, or size of the person executing.
Aside from offense and defense, students will gain skills such as situational awareness, body language control, and stealth techniques that aid in avoiding potentially dangerous scenarios.
Our Coaches provide instruction for defense against both armed and unarmed attackers with techniques from multiple styles, including
Wing Chun and Filipino Martial Arts such as Kali Eskrima Stick Fighting. 

Broad Sword Martial Arts Pose

Performance Martial Arts

Performance-based martial arts focus on what looks the flashiest and coolest rather than works the best for combat. 


Always wanted to learn how to use a sword? Spin a staff? Swing around nunchucks?  We've got you covered! 


This is those who want to nerd out and replicate the moves they see from their favorite action movies and improve athleticism through jumps, kicks, and technique combinations that are made to wow an audience. 


We coach traditional kung fu styles such as Northern Shaolin as well as modern Sport Karate.

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