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At Vigilante Fitness, we believe that every session with us is an education. Working 1-on-1 with a coach in private training allows for even greater attention to detail, which in turn, promotes faster success. Private Training with our coaches is uniquely customized towards your strengths and limitations, to bring you towards your goals.

Whatever they may be, we look forward to hitting your goals, together.




No more fantasizing, it is time to make those dreams a reality. Whatever your fitness goals, we will work together to customize a plan that will transform you into the person that you always want to be!


Marathon & Running Sports

Speed, Endurance, Efficiency

At VFC we will make you a faster, stronger runner while training you to be more efficient and safe. From short 100m deadsprints, to marathons, road running or trail, we will show you how to go through all your running gears and help you master your paces!




Prepare for the "Event of a Lifetime" with ProNatal certified Training Specialists that use an evidence-based "Performance Training Approach" in supporting you as you navigate your fitness journey across all stages of pregnancy. Whether is it strengthening your pelvic floor, postnatal core recovery, or returning to training, we are here to guide you towards your goals.




Martial Arts is all about control, whether it is controlling a situation, a technique or a weapon. Whatever your goals, our martial arts training will give you the confidence to handle yourself. For private coaching, you can choose the style and type of martial art. Always wanted to learn how to use a sword? Look no further!  Feel free to inquire for a recommendation of style.


Obstacle Course Racing

Complete Fitness Package

OCR training has it all, Strength, Speed, Endurance and Power. Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, OCR training will provide limitless possibilities. In private coaching we can really break down techniques, work on fundamental movements and develop all areas of fitness.

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